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Don’t get caught with these deadly CPC exam mistakes

Nobody wants to know how to fail the AAPC CPC exam, so the following tells you what to look out for. You just need to be aware of certain CPC exam rules that can result in you getting disqualified or automatic failure. You can consider this as a quick checklist of what not to do when you’re in the medical coding certification or AAPC CPC exam hall. So let us discuss what are the things you shouldn’t do that breaks the exam rules.

Leave your cell phone behind

First of all, you’re not allowed to bring your cell phone to the exam. This also goes for any electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, mobile gaming consoles, etc. You wont have any place to stow them during the exam anyway, so the best solution is to just not bring them at all.


Bring the right tools

With that said, make sure you do bring the required items for the medical coding certification exam. Check with the CPC exam proctors several days beforehand to know what you’ll need. Basically you’ll need a picture ID, your member ID, #2 pencils, as well as the CPT, ICD-9CM, and HCPCS II manuals.

Keep up to date

Remember that the code sets for each coding book are updated every year, so it’s essential for you to have up to date books. Using out of date books would obviously puts you at a disadvantage, with substantial penalization. The exams are updated every January for the new code sets, so you can’t use upcoming year’s book for the exam. Do keep in mind that the exam proctors may not clarify test questions during the CPC exam.

Tabbing your coding books

You’re permitted to tab your coding books for quick reference, whether you inserted, glued, pasted, taped, or stapled it in the manuals. Having handwritten notes in the coding books are also acceptable only if they pertain to daily coding activities. The guideline is that they should be used with the intent to earmark a page with words or numbers, not supplement information in the book.

Keep it to yourself

Finally, any attempt to smuggle exam materials out of the exam hall will result in you failing the AAPC CPC exam. If you exhibit collaborative or disruptive behavior, then it can be cause for immediate action by the proctors. Because the CPC exam materials are confidential, you may not copy or discuss the questions with others during or following the examination. Now that you know how to fail the AAPC CPC exam by breaking the exam rules, be sure to keep all the points here in mind and you’ll do well to pass the AAPC CPC exam.


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Videos are an essential element to getting you certified

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to getting help to get you certified as a medical coder fast. You may have the experience and coding knowledge to take the CPC exam, but it is still a good idea to invest a little to get further coaching and advice as part of your preparation. There are no shortage of practice exams, books, prep courses, certified trainers, and review classes that you can use.

Let’s add one more unique choice to the list: coding review videos. Video engage more of our senses, so when we study using coding review videos or DVD, we simply absorb more due to the fact that it is in an audio and visual form. Laureen Jandroep has released her blitz review videos for coding and CPC exam for some time, and since it’s release has been helping students to pass the CPC exam on their first or next try.

Today: Check out her bubble and highlight technique.

Today: Check out her bubble and highlight technique.

So lets review again why Laureen Jandroep’s coding blitz videos or DVD are so much better as review materials:

First of all, you simply get more value from the videos or DVD because you get Laureen personally guiding you through all the steps you need to do to pass the certification exam. Every aspect is covered from identifying areas to focus on, how to maximize your study and exam time, how to mark up your CPT book, time management, and more. Check out her credentials as a certified medical coding and billing trainer and you’ll see why she has a long list of testimonials from past students.

When you do your review in videos, you absorb more information. She is speaking directly to you in the videos, so you pay more attention. You also get to follow along with her explanations and illustrations. Also, videos are less likely to make you fall asleep. If you commute a lot, why not download the videos onto your iPod or MP3 player to squeeze out more review time. When you’re at home, just pop in the DVD.

Not everyone studies at the same pace, so in a classroom environment you are usually either ahead or behind. The blitz review videos is like your virtual classroom, you get to pause, rewind, and fast forward your teacher. And if you have questions that aren’t answered in the videos, you still have her telephone support and access to her private community of experienced coders and billers.

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Retaking the CPC exam

If you have failed the CPC exam, trust me, you are not alone. Even though the CPC exam is an open book exam, there are a great many factors to take into consideration. A grueling examination for would-be medical coders, taking nearly 6 hours long, the CPC or Certified Professional Coder certification exam by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is brutal and does not boast of a very high passing rate for first time test-takers.

First, you must get a passing rate of 70% to pass the CPC exam. It used to be that you need to get 70% on each of the 3 sections of the CPC exam, which means that should you fail to reach 70% on just one section you will not pass the CPC exam.

For this reason, there are plenty of study guides out there to help you get ready to retake the CPC exam. There are a few recommended by the AAPC, as well as online prep courses by experienced trainers and coders that can help you hone your coding skills.

You can retake the CPC exam within 12 months of your failed test without having the pay the hundreds of dollars that the first test cost. That alone should be a relief to you, so now not only do you have the opportunity to sit for the exam again but can do so at no further cost to you. The thing to remember is that you have to take the test within 12 months of the initial exam or you will be charged a fee. Don’t delay too long in retaking the test because all the study you did will still be fresh in your mind. If you have to wait longer before retaking the CPC exam, then you’ll have to maintain your study efforts at a high level to ensure you don’t forget and lose the information you’ve worked hard for.

Click here for a special personal video message now

Click here for a special personal video message now

When you receive your scores, you will be notified which sections were problematic for you, so you can focus your studies and improve on your weaknesses. Being able to fine tune your studies to pass the CPC exam is a great benefit to you. Not only will you see which areas you succeed in, but being able to target your low scores makes it much easier to focus all your energy and effort for the next round. Talk to other students as well as your mentor or coach so you can target the weak areas specifically.

Take more timed practice exams to get back into the rhythm and refine your study and question-answering strategies. When testing day rolls around again, you’ll be more at ease and be better prepared for the CPC exam. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Go in with a positive and confident mindset that you’ll do well this time around.

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Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

The certification examinations are administered through the AAPC’s local chapters and Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC) sites. These examinations are proctored by AAPC’s approved

City State Exam Proctor Examination Location Check One o CPC® Examination (Physician Coder) o CPC-H® Examination o Inasmuch as I do not have two years coding experience or provide proof thereof, I understand that upon passing the examination, I will be

SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS FOR THE CPC/CCA EXAM Unless the question states otherwise, assume that a physician documented all the information provided.

MEDICAL CODING FROM HOME How to Get Started in the Lucrative Medical Coding Field Presented by: Jim May www.HowToStudyForCPCExam.com

AHIMA Boot Camp provides students an overview of Medical Coding and the transformation of narrative descriptions of diseases, injuries, and healthcare procedures

AAPC Medical Coding Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions 1. Does this class include the certification exam? Answer: Yes, it includes the Certified Professional Coder exam, through the American Academy of

AAPC and AHIMA Certifications 1 | AAPC & AHIMA Certifications Certifying Body Certification Credential Cost(s) Current Coding Books AAPC www.aapc.com

College of Health Related Professions Continuing Education MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING PROGRAM Medical Coding Certification Review Course The review course will prepare individuals planning to sit for the CPC® exam.

Examination Date Examination Index # (available from contact person or online at www.aapc.com) City State Exam Proctor Examination Location Check One o CPC® Examination (Physician Coder) o CPC-H® Examination o Coding course certificate or transcript of completion attached

health insurance companies, health care provider, medical necessity,
EDI, universal medical code numbers, diabetes mellitus, public health, circulatory system, diagnostic codes, incomplete reimbursement, automate this transmission, medical dictionary.

A digital download product designed to prepare you for the AAPC medical coding certification exam by providing you with a practice exam modeled after the real

To U.S. Supreme Court Michael Jackson’s dermatologist resists medical board-ordered exams — Veronica Rocha, Times Community News Follow Veronica Rocha on Twitterand

Stress you feel when taking a medical coding certification exam mostly comes from uncertaintythat if at any time you feel the exam environment is distracting

coding certification. To get the certification, one needs to pass the medical coding certification exam sponsored by AAPC or any other organization. There are a

The: History Physical Exam Medical Decision Makingor other outpatient visit codes (99201-99205), the extensive collection of funny medical slang and acronyms

View original: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam …

View original post: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

Originally posted: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

Originally posted: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

View original: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

Read the original: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

Read the original: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

Source: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

View original: Medical Coding ExamMedical Billing & Coding – CPC Practice Exam

Microsoft 98-363 exam questions and answers | ibm test dumps …

Nowadays, even the most qualified IT professionals are not able to get good jobs due to the tough competition in this sector. Attaining a good job has also become difficult because of the rapidly changing technology. You need to keep your knowledge and technical skills up to date in order to survive in this competitive world. Obtaining an IT certification is a solution to this problem. IT sector is developing at a rapid pace and you can find lucrative jobs after acquiring IT certifications.

In order to cope up with the need of new certified IT professionals, some major international and domestic companies have started their educational and training programs providing various IT certifications. These certificate courses are intended to provide knowledge to the novices as well as the experienced IT professionals.

Free 98-363 Demo Download
Question: 1
Which of the following ScriptManager properties gets a ScriptReferenceCollection object that
contains the ScriptReference objects, each of which represents a script file rendered to the client?
A. ScriptManager.ScriptMode
B. ScriptManager.Services
C. ScriptManager.Scripts
D. ScriptManager.ScriptPath
Answer: C

Question: 2
You work as an ADO.NET Application Developer for company Inc. The company uses Microsoft Visual
Studio .NET 2008 as its application development platform. You create an ADO.NET application by
using .NET Framework 3.5. The application uses a Microsoft SQL Sever database. You use a DataSet
control in the application. You want to add or refresh rows in the DataSet. You need to ensure t hat
when you add or refresh row in the DataSet you will get number of rows that are successfully added
or refreshed in the DataSet. What will you do to accomplish the task?
A. Use the Update method of the DataAdapter class.
B. Use the RefreshSchema method of the DataAdapter class.
C. Use the FillSchema method of the DataAdapter class.
D. Use the Fill method of the DataAdapter class.
Answer: D

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How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last? | Medical Coding …

Medical Billing

Medical Coders Are On Demand

Medical billing job is a field that is gaining popularity in a rapid phase nowadays. There are numerous opportunities when it comes to a professional medical coder or biller. The salary is also good and it only depends on a few things like your job location and previous experience in the sector.

When it comes to acquire a job in the medical billing segment, it is enough if you can convince that you are capable of doing this job, though of course, a basic idea of the course is mandatory. You can convince the employer by explaining your previous experiences in accounting field and the things you learnt out of it.

Nevertheless, if you look into other courses in the field of medicine, you would need to complete a professional course that would take around two to four years. Yet, when it comes to billing in medical field, the only requirement is to pass a national exam. The number of days of classroom training and the institution that you choose to study does not matter at all. It is enough that you study and pass the exam and become certified as a medical coder or biller.

However, if you are not able to prepare on your own or if you think that you need some guidance, you can choose training programs offered by institutions with medical billing courses. Alternatively, it would be a better option to choose a course online, so that you can quickly complete the basic course and then start looking for jobs at the earliest.

When you choose an institution, you will have to attend trimesters and semesters, and some of them might charge more than necessary fee. But when it comes to opting for an online course, you can save a lot of time along with a considerable amount of money.


Professional Medical Biller

Whatever be the type of class that you choose, see to that it has all those things required to train you as a professional medical coder. Jot down a list of schools, compare, and decide on a school. Make sure that the institutions do not over-charge you for the course.

You can save some money on the course with the financial aid that is provided by the Federal government. So it is advised to check if you are eligible for the financial aid as well.

Excerpt from: How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last?

View original: How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last? | Medical Coding …

See original: How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last? | Medical Coding …

Medical Billing Jobs Az – Schools For Medical Coding | What Is On …

Medical Billing Jobs Az – Everything you need to know about Schools For Medical Coding, Medical Coding Careers, Medical Billing, Degrees, Training and. … HOME HEALTH CERTIFIED MEDICAL CODING/BILLING SPECIALIST Page 3 Education, Experience and Training: The knowledge, skills, and abilities listed above. Workforce Connections and can be found on AZ Heat. medical office opportunities, changing jobs to become medical office level position doing …

Originally posted: Medical Billing Jobs Az – Schools For Medical Coding

Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams … – CPC Study Guide …

medical coding, medical billing, radiology sample charts, medical coding, coding, billing, CPC sample paper, AAPC, CIRCC sample report, charts, practice test, medical coding

View original: Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams | interventional radiology …

Read the original: Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams | interventional radiology …

View original: Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams … – CPC Study Guide

View original: Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams … – CPC Study Guide …

Originally posted: Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams … – CPC Study Guide …

Excerpt from: Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams … – CPC Study Guide …

Require Medical Coder – CPC Certified in Cognizant, Chennai – B …

Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) is a leading provider of information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services. Cognizant’s single-minded passion is to dedicate our global technology and innovation know-how, our industry expertise and worldwide resources to working together with clients to make their businesses stronger. With more than 35 global delivery centers and over 50,000 employees, we combine a unique onsite/offshore delivery model infused by a distinct culture of customer satisfaction. A member of the NASDAQ-100 Index and S&P 500 Index, Cognizant is a Forbes Global 2000 company and is ranked among the top information technology companies in BusinessWeek’s Info Tech 100, Hot Growth and Top 50 Performers listings.

Post: Medical Coder CPC Certified

Job Description:
•Prior BPO experience in Medical Coding & CPC certification is mandatory
•Good written and verbal communication skills
•Should be willing to work in Night shifts

Candidate Profile:
B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Life Science Graduate (CPC Certified coder)
Experience 12-36 Months

Put reference Ganesh Chobe Emp id 418551 on resume during interview
Before appearing for interview, forward your CVs to: gchobe21@gmail.com to update in referal portal

Additional Information:
Experience: 2-3 years
Location: Chennai

Education: B.Pharm, M.Pharm, M.Sc
Industry Type: Pharma/ Biotech/Clinical Research
Functional Area: Medical Coding

12th July, 2014
10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Cognizant Technology Solutions,
No 1, Veeranam Road, Perungudi Bypass Road, Perungudi, Chennai.
(Near Taramani Railway Station)

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